Monday, June 15, 2020

the quotidian (6.15.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Our strawberry patch is pathetic this year.

On repeat.

Carrot top and garlic scape pesto. Tip: blanch the carrots tops before blending.

Puerto Rican flan.

Dalgona coffee: have you tried it?

Weekend feasting.

Chasing Ellie with his drone.

Master mess maker.

Girl grooms.

Day's end: hot, dirty, tired, hungry.

Yum, chicken!

In great condition and for only 2K: he's stunned, my husband's jealous.

This same time, years previous: the quotidian (6.10.19), barbecue sauce, up, up, up to Utuado, a new pie basket, high entertainment, a photo book, mud cake, spinach dip, street food, Greek cucumber and tomato salad, sourdough waffles.


  1. Does it leak in the rain?
    My husband's does. Needed a rain cover, but the initial discovery was a bit of a downer, to say the least.

    1. We've had some pretty hard rains and so far no leaking. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey, who got the Miata? What year? For how much?? I'm on my third one; they've all been dependable and treat me to great rides. Hope you have the same experience. - jim b.

  3. We made the dalgona coffee! It was so cool, but all that beating - meh, we haven't repeated it.

    What is that amazing strawberry/cake/cream combo you have there? We are splurging on local berries and I'm making alllll the desserts.

    1. Victoria Sponge with Strawberry Jam! Recipe here: