Monday, November 18, 2019

the quotidian (11.18.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 


Maple roasted butternut.

A new way to seed a butternut.

A well-ROUNDED breakfast, ha.

All systems go!


"It works just like a helmet!"

Smooshy luscious.

Oh snap! 

Well worth a poke in the eye. 

Reader's theater for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and my mother, the conductor.

This same time, years previous: spiced applesauce cake with caramel glaze, the quotidian (11.17.14), in my kitchen: noon, the quotidian (11.18.13), the quotidian (11.19.12), red lentil soup with lemon and spinach, orange cranberry bread.


  1. What's your laundry-avoiding son reading? Just finished Flowers for Algernon per your rec so we're looking for the next suggestion! also, he looks SO tall!!!

    1. No idea what book --- he plows through them, both new ones and re-reads.

      As for the height, yes. He's rather gigantic.

  2. Great photo tour!

    But who is the smooshed? I want to reach through the phone pinch ‘em 🙃

    1. My littlest niece. She's got the most fabulous cheeks!

  3. As mommychef noted, your youngest son has gotten so tall, so quickly! Looks like things are going well at the Murch household. Maple roasted butternut, now that sounds fantastic!

  4. Are you getting contacts for the first time?! Exciting! I just went through a contact fitting for the first time *ever* and like my new brand better than my old (my eye doc said that contacts are like shoes - some brands just fit and suit your eyes/feet better than others)

    1. Yes, first time! I'm a wimp about my eyes --- can hardly even put eye drops in --- so this is big stuff. I still need to wear reading glasses for up close, but with just the contacts I can read things at arm's length, which feels rather miraculous. And playing sports with no glasses --- it's a whole new world!!!