Monday, September 17, 2018

the quotidian (9.17.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Is it better to dry English walnuts before or after shelling?


Irritated at the never ending problems; grateful he's able to fix them.

Making something, most likely a mess.

Keeping the jungle at bay.

Prepping for the hurricane that never came.

These days the sun is such a novelty that it's become photoworthy.

Coaxing is no longer necessary; now they come running.

No worries, we all still have eyebrows. 

This same time, years previous: the brothers buzz, cast iron skillet steak, black bean and veggie salad, nectarine bourbon pie, in defense of battered kitchen utensils, the quotidian (9.17.12), goodbye summer, hello fall.


  1. Great photos! Have to admit when the last one came up I realized my heart rate increased before I read caption. Whew I must still be a bit over sensitive .

  2. Definately dry walnuts thoroughly before shelling, then lay them out on a tarp and bash them with a big stick so all the hulls fall off. Then you can shell them and savor the deliciousness.

  3. It looks like you are well back into your normal routines. Glad you did not receive the hurricane. We only have tornadoes to worry about here...not a way to prepare but at least if you are hit with one you can immediately get back to clean up and repair and rebuilding. I just can't imagine the unending water and damage and dirt and junk and waiting and waiting until the water goes away.