Monday, May 21, 2018

the quotidian (5.21.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Snack: freshly-picked, underripe pomegranate.

A supper delivery, from the pastor and his wife: mapen (breadfruit) and fish stew, so good.

From Olga's daughter: the best tres leche cake I have ever eaten. 

Playing hostess: our first real sit-down meal with Puerto Rican company.

Coffee and scones: with the Puerto Rican project engineer.

And with the state-side engineer.

Office work pile-up.


My younger daughter woke up with one of these nasty critters crawling on her head.

A stray cuddle.

Leryann's Mother's Day gift to me: her out-of-home business has quite the reputation.

Me and mine: El Dia de la Madre.

Birthday party brunch for a newly-minted ten-year-old.

Complete with an art class for everyone (such a good idea!).

I ruined our one shot at Polaroid fame.

An ordinary Saturday afternoon.

Touching base, constantly.
(Also, I have an office!) 
(And look at me wearing jeans I'm acclimating!)

From my (!!) instagram (puertoricomurches) post: 
"My front porch feels like we're in the Caribbean. Oh wait  WE ARE."

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  1. Wearing jeans in hot, humid weather--at first I thought I could never do that and then I found out that I could. Yes...acclimation.

    1. It's a mindset, I think, and an acceptance of the fact that feeling cool just isn't going to happen, no matter what.