Thursday, June 15, 2017

a new pie basket

Every now and then I get emails asking me to review stuff. Usually I ignore them, but sometimes, if I get a follow-up email, I respond with a polite (curt?) no thanks. A creative outlet is my only blog agenda. I have no desire to muddy the waters with commercial clutter.* Besides, who needs more stuff anyway? (Once a company sent me a collection of coconut oil body products—lotions and lip balm and such—basically just coconut oil with extracts added. I never even bothered to open the jars.)

But once in a while, the vendor’s query is a little more personal, like the one I got a number of weeks ago from an Amish basket company.

My response was candid. “You may send me baskets, if you wish, but I very rarely promote anything on my blog."

The rep wrote back right away. “I'd love to do that! What is the best mailing address to send the baskets to?”

So I gave her my address, and then added, “And just to be clear: I make no promises about sharing on the blog...”

A few weeks later, a large box arrived. My expectations were low. Baskets are a dime a dozen, and my husband doesn't approve of my basket-collecting propensities. Probably, this one would go straight to the thrift store.

I opened the box, peered in, and froze: A pie basket? I’ve always wanted a pie basket!

Pie transport is such a headache. I’ve seen the plastic carriers, but ... plastic, meh. I usually end up sticking the pie in a too-big basket and then tucking towels around it to prevent it from slipping. How did these people know exactly what I wanted??

Cackling with glee, I yanked the basket from the box and examined it from all angles. A solid bottom! Thickly-woven sides! A wooden lid! Removeable (washable!) cloth lining! Leather handles! And inside, the best part: a pie stand on legs!

One pie goes in the bottom of the basket, then the wooden stand, and then another pie.

This was a two-pie carrier.  I was completely over the moon.

Later, I jumped on the website to look at their selection. The baskets are nice, and clearly well-made, but none of them struck my fancy...except for that pie basket (they even have a triple-decker pie basket!). Either someone knew enough about me to think the pie basket would be a good fit, or they just got lucky (because look at me writing about a product!).

Speaking of getting lucky, I know I sure did.

*I am an Amazon affiliate, so I get a little money (about 20-30 dollars each month, on average) if/when I link to their products.

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  1. I too have "basket-collecting propensities." The Amish are true craftsmen/women. Beautiful and practical.

  2. oh MAN you hit the giveaway jackpot!!!! My grandma has a pie basket and I am always envious.

  3. good for you! I love your blog because it doesn't "sell" anything and you are a great inspiration for others who are growing a family and managing a home while keeping it real. Really, really happy for you that you got some good loot though!

  4. love love love baskets...but not just any
    run of the mill baskets. have some jon
    klein baskets, which are hand woven. and longaberger baskets, purchased at a hostess party awhile ago. (it's dated on the bottom of the basket: 1991)
    one of our favs is a longaberger picnic basket with a hand painted lid. we use it
    every summer for outdoor music/evening eats. :)

  5. What a treasure!! Love everything about it!

  6. I love baskets too. A pie basket? I totally need one.

  7. That is a lovely looking basket.