Monday, April 24, 2017

the quotidian (4.24.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Anticipation: apples, hopefully.

Pastel overload.

Sunday scones.

Supper, sculptured

If you're going to finish it, then finish it all the way. 

Finally, all the eggs we can eat.

The collection, pre-supper.

Brown rice bowls, except with plates. 

Bringing home the groceries.

Blacks and greys, mostly.

This same time, years previous: life can turn on a dime (one year ago today—such a sorry photo...), creamed honey, Sally Fallon's pancakes, out and about, the quotidian (4.23.12), cauliflower potato soup, my lot, rhubarb crunch, me and you, and the radishes.


  1. Lilacs! So jealous - they don't survive well here. And what about that broken arm, huh?

  2. I just read that if you don't wash eggs, they do not need to be refrigerated because they have a protective coat. Is that true??

    1. Yes! She collects the eggs in a basket on top of the fridge. Once a week or so (either when the basket is full or I need more eggs), she washes the eggs and then transfers them to the fridge.

  3. I looked and it was exactly one year ago that your son had his biking accident. I am so glad that you have less stimulating news to post today and I bet you are, too!

  4. I like the pets picture. You have a corgi? My oldest girl uses a corgi for her chicken guard dog at the farm.