Monday, April 17, 2017

the quotidian (4.17.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

I really must make these more often.

Her tart from my pie-baking leftovers was better than my pie.

Straight into cake: the first rhubarb.

My Smart Mama Move: arranging for them to make the mess while I was gone.

When making scones and you realize you have no pecans, mine the mixed nuts
(...and then when it's still not enough, your mother's pantry).

Eggs in a helmet.

In the drive-though, when I asked for a napkin. Seriously, McDonald's?


Ticking another Finally! Project off the list: electricity to the clubhouse!

What happens to a fence when a steer jumps over it.

Because when a couple American Boychoir kids stay the night, you have to entertain them somehow.

This same time, years previous: right now, wrangling sheep, cheesy popcorn, crispy almonds, take two: Omri, nutmeg coffee cake, deviled eggs, cardamom orange buns, mint wedding cake, asparagus walnut salad.


  1. I want to run electricity to the tiki hut (my daughter's former playhouse) in a very similar manner, but my husband seems to think I'm kidding.

  2. I almost called you to see if you had eggs on Easter Sunday morning. I knew I was going to run out. Had 11 for breakfast. :-( We made do. I issued the "FHB" call of my friend. (Family Hold Back).

  3. Are those taco mushrooms? looks amazing!

    1. No, loaded baked potatoes. Mushrooms would be a great addition, though!