Monday, November 7, 2016

the quotidian (11.7.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Stacking them up.

To  combat Halloween: kale, leftover spaghetti carbonara, egg.

Two thumbs up (though some silly people scraped off the pepitas and cilantro).

Chuchitos: thanks to Melissa.

Cousin crush.

Kitty sandwich.

Queen of the decaying flowerbeds.

Not typical November colors.

Routine maintenance.

Definition of awesome: when you do a job for a friend and payment arrives in the belly of a pinata.

Joint practice.

A)  Inflated ego? B) Bored child? C) Just another day in the Murch household?
(Answer: C)

Our new (old) van.

Final donut-making steps (literally): putting the equipment in the attic.

Princess Bride reenactment.

The family communicator: perhaps I take my job a little too seriously?

This same time, years previous: musings from the coffee shop, awkward, "How are you different now?", bierocks, let me sum up, laid flat, crispy cinnamon cookies, and brown sugar icing.


  1. I especially love the kitty sandwich picture! And my Christmas Cactus is blooming, too! What?!

    1. So that's a Christmas cactus? I had no idea! My son brought it home from Sunday school and about drowned it, so my mom took it to her house to coddle and then brought it over here a week ago.

  2. Bit jealous of your blooming christmas cactus. I've been shuffling mine back and forth to a dark closet at night to meet it's "thermo-photoperiodic" needs. Been doing this for a month and still no buds. Yours looks like it's just been sitting outdoors. Figures.

    1. I didn't know it needed anything special. We keep putting it outside, since my mom said it needs light now that it's blooming. But then I forget it and we have a frost and I have to hustle it in in the morning. I'm surprised it's not dead yet.

  3. I was just wondering whether I should be doing something to my first ever Christmas cactus given to me last year. It looks like it may have little buds just forming? Do I hide it now in the dark or is it too late. I know, my kids will say, look it up, and I will. Thanks for the reminder, folks. LOVE the huge "Minnie Mouse?" bow.

    1. No, doesn't need to be hidden. Ours lives year round in a south facing window. We originally received it at Thanksgiving so that is when it blooms. Don't water too often, like don't water-log it. As it has aged, it blooms more times a year now. It is just starting a bloom now. I have never put it outside.

    2. Okay, all you green thumbers.. Here's a link.

    3. Sorry.. Try this again...

  4. That last picture made me burst out laughing! I'm a multi-tasker too but not sure I could pull that one off!