Wednesday, March 2, 2016

dusty magic

Saturday afternoon, I made fussing noises about my husband always leaving his computer sitting on the art table. He's supposed to store his laptop in a cupboard, but he rarely bothers to put it away—dragging it out and packing it back up is such a bother—so it clutters the table all day long, taking up valuable real estate. So I was fussing and that made my husband start mumbling about where he could possibly put a study.

"Maybe we should bump out the house on the north side and add a little study there," he said.

"What about the toy closet?" I said. "The kids don't play with toys anymore." [insert wild cheering] "We could knock it out and put a little office under the stairs.”

When I woke up the next morning, my husband's side of the bed was empty. I heard a thud, like a door slamming shut. A minute later, another thud. Realization dawning, I went to investigate. Sure enough, the closet was coming down!

He didn't go to church that morning. He worked all day, and that evening when I came home (I had meetings), the closet was out and my husband was wondering around the house in a daze, completely out of steam. He claimed the kids had already done a lot of cleaning, but the dust was still thick. I spent the next hour wiping down counters and open shelving, washing dishes, and mopping floors.

The plan is to drywall everything in, run a board along the back for a counter-like desk, and install good lighting and some shelving. We contemplated putting in a small window, but that costs money and I don't think it's even necessary.

I'm so excited for this little nook. The living room already feels more spacious and open; it's amazing how much difference a couple extra feet makes. And what a thrill to discover unused space and transform it into something cozy and practical! It almost feels like magic. Dusty magic, yes, but still ... magic.

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  1. Can't wait to see it all done! We took down a popcorn ceiling and it was supposedly all sealed off but here I am 6 weeks later and still cleaning up dry wall dust. It is crazy how that stuff migrates through the house.

  2. We really really need to do that with some stairs here, except we're pretty terrified at what we might find in the space under the stairs ... Yikes!

    And dry wall dust. If there is something I never want to clean from any crevice and/or surface, nook and cranny ever, ever, ever it is that.

    But you know I will.

  3. The magic of having a professional carpenter as a husband!