Monday, November 9, 2015

the quotidian (11.9.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

With sweet potatoes, chicken pot pie.

My view while taking the laundry off the line.

Leftover summer.

Treats and reads, post-Halloween.

For a leaf fort.

My older son bought a computer and then built a desk to put it on.

Off to work!

Self-selected screen time for the younger two: once a week for about ten minutes (per child).

Indoor rainbows.

Perhaps I take "wearing it out" a little too seriously? 

This same time, years previous: musing from the coffee shop, for the time change, awkward, "How are you different now?", maple roasted squash, meat and cabbage rolls, yesterday, let me sum up, Halloween candy-infused brownies, and crispy cinnamon cookies.      


  1. Sam has duck tape on his sneakers, too! So does my husband, in fact:-).

  2. I've decided the next time I get a rip in my puffy coat I'm going to duck tape it too. No more sewing.

  3. So do I! On the bottom of my house slippers. I'm not a weirdo!!! Pass the chicken pot pie please.

  4. You might want to get your ducts in a row

  5. Do I recognize those sneakers from your time in Guate? I feel like the laces are the same at least.

    1. No way. That girl wears out her sneakers FAST. We probably got them only a year ago...

  6. definitely going to point out your screen time amount to my kids - they think I am unnecessarily stingy :)

    and now I feel guilty for throwing away my husband's old sneakers (I did take the laces out first). This after I accused him of not being very thrifty. sighhhhhh