Monday, June 16, 2014

the quotidian (6.16.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Good morning!

Involving lots of butter: a tasty (but not perfected) 'speriment.

Backwards gardening: emptying the patch so we can till up the weeds. 
(I only planted enough onions for fresh eating so it's not that scandalous.)

Preventative measures: a heat wave is coming.

The milk from our neighbors came with a half gallon of cream. 

Sunshine and eggs.

Porchin' it.
(Except "porchin" means smoking weed on the porch, so not really.)

Do I look this sour when I write?

Our vet-trained, non-vet neighbor is going to teach my daughter to do all the vaccines herself.

Well, hello there, gorgeous.

This same time, years previous: street food, this, too, shall pass, a glimpse, when I sat down, Kate's enchiladasnaps and mowers, quirky, and old-fashioned vanilla ice cream.


  1. Yippee...a puppy pic!! Are they all doing well?? I've been wondering about all those puppies and how it has been going? And...half a gallon of cream?! Yahoo! :) Hugs, Camille

    1. The puppies are getting along famously. They just lay around and get fat.

  2. It was so good to finally meet you today! And those puppies are adorable and well cared for. :-)

    1. It was such a treat to finally meet you---I'm so glad you could stop by!