Friday, May 30, 2014

in her element

In an unexpected turn of events, my older daughter has landed her dream job: volunteering at a horse farm in exchange for riding lessons.

It happened this way. Close to our house is a camp for mentally and physically handicapped people. One of our neighbors volunteers there and asked my daughter if she’d be willing to help out during the Wednesday night equestrian therapy sessions. A couple weeks into her work at the camp, one of the other volunteers suggested that my daughter might want to improve her riding and invited her to come work at her horse farm in exchange for lessons.

The farm is three miles down the road. A couple years ago, we stopped to inquire about lessons, but the cost was so prohibitive that I completely dismissed the idea. But now my daughter is spending her days there, mucking stalls, fetching horses, cleaning hooves, and riding.

She wakes early to care for her chickens and sheep, works all day, comes home and immediately packs her lunch for the next day (she's labeled a shelf in the refrigerator with her name so her father doesn't "accidentally" steal her lunch), does evening chores and some household jobs, eats supper, showers, and sleeps.

I don't know if I've ever seen her more happy.

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  1. LOVE this. Would have been my dream life when I was a girl. Love these photos, too!

  2. But...but...what about her socialization?!

  3. My daughter has to do that with her lunches too! Ha ha, those dads.

    The opportunities that are out there for the taking for kids to pave the road toward their own passions are amazing.

  4. This could lead to so many other wonderful things in her life. As I said a while ago, your babies are growing up, Mama.

  5. I just love this post.

  6. Sometimes I long for the times when you had a job worth doing and didn't complain about the exhaustion because it was what you want to do!