Monday, April 7, 2014

the quotidian (4.7.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Soaking up the color. 

I used to buy big, loose-leaf calendars for the fridge until I got smart 
and just drew lines on a piece of paper.

From the outside looking in. 
Heading out on my morning run, I spied this quiet moment and had to run back inside for my camera.

Multi-tasking: doing math while keeping an eye on her dog.

School lunches.

Because eyeliner shouldn't be limited to just eyes.

Bookish cuzzes.

Dire straits: the wardrobe situation.

Two males, a giant hole, and a fixed pipe.

Saturday baking.

Waiting to be rolled into Russian pancakes along with Feta, mozzarella, and Parmesan.

A brand new bottle for the olive oil. 
(I broke the old one when when I was scrabbling to hide—from the children—the candy I was sneaking.)

Lemon meringue pie always tastes better when eaten while wearing gloves.

Mystery photo.
I doubt anyone will guess it correctly, but then again, maybe it's easier than I think?

This same time, years previous: yellow cake, daffodils and horses, cardamom orange buns, and writing it out.


  1. ooh, do tell more about that beautiful braided bread. I made a cardamom braid this past weekend and it did not meet my expectations. grump.

    I'm guessing that last photo is a baking pan/sheet of some sort.

    1. Look in the index under braided bread. It's all there (and so easy). (Also, in the links at the bottom of the post is a link for cardamom orange buns. I bet it'd work in a braid...?)

      Re the photo: yes! But can you decipher more of the back story?

    2. looks like saltwater and maybe rice was involved?

  2. Was the poor doggie being punished and that's why he was tied up outside?

  3. Black and tan yarn under a microscope for the hat you are knitting me?

  4. burned beans in your pot. :)

    1. Yea, it looks suspiciously of beans to me too. Though ... not necessarily burned...

    2. Close---not beans and not a pot...

  5. Heat lasts for 18 days. That's a long time to be tied up.

    1. It's more like a month for her (we like to play it safe). She's normally in her kennel (not on her leash), and she gets lots of walks during the day, too.

  6. You burned almonds while trying to *toast* them on your baking sheet under the broiler. :)

  7. You roasted peanuts on a baking sheet, and they left this print behind?

  8. Camille and KTdid, you win! I was toasting almonds and ignored the instructions to use a stainless steel pan. So the almonds got a little black (but without a burn taste, thankfully) and left the pretty print.

  9. Do I get a prize? ;-) Too funny! I only recognized it due to the fact that I've had similar burns around these here parts. Yes, and I share similar taste buds and now...burn marks. Hugs, Camille