Monday, May 6, 2013

the quotidian (5.6.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
 everyday; ordinary; commonplace

A day off from school: enjoying a relaxed morning.

These happened. 
And then we ate them all.

Love her.

The pond. 

This week's baking project: cinnamon cookies
Lesson learned: Guatemalans like cake.

Pliable and compliable: this dog will do anything.

Stomach problems: still a layabout. 
(But he ate a mountain of food yesterday, so here's to hoping.)


Forcing the issue.

Made by the neighbor boys: a...contraption.

Our windy driveway and a hill of beans (and cilantro).

Friends: a-chilling and a-plotting.
(They do boy things such as write important messages
and leave them at their fort for the other to discover.)


  1. You guys don't have any mixing spoons, do you?

    I like how your husband's clothes are laid out over him. Too funny.

    1. Nope. But it's kinda hard to cream fat and sugar with a spoon anyway...

  2. oh no, not cookies!? Cake is my least favorite sweet, but I just saw a cream cheese pound cake on Orangette that I'm itching to bake.

    1. I saw that cake, too. And I can get real cream cheese here!

  3. The friend picture is priceless and worth your troubles now and then.

  4. Great, great, great pictures! The one of your daughter and the dog . . . can't help but grin at that one. And the one of your younger daughter could/should be framed.

  5. You mentioned getting real cream cheese. When its rainy season here in Maasailand, all the cows are giving extra milk so our neighbors bring it to us (they have no refrigeration and live day to day anyway). We don't like the flavor very much (we're not sure what all causes this) so we got some rennet and have been experimenting with cheese. We've been successful with mozzarella- made some pizza! We also used the left over to try out some ricotta- which turned into something similar to cream cheese! We made some homemade bagels and toasted them in the oven (not quite like a toaster- but it'll do) and almost had the old favorite from home- toasted bagel with cream cheese! How's that for a foodie comment from a non-foodie!