Wednesday, January 30, 2013


These days, I get up earlier than I did in the other house. The brightening sky lights our bedroom through the single, large window. It’s still gray outside, but the birds are singing. It will be another gorgeous day.

I pull on a hoodie and tiptoe out to the kitchen. It’s cold. I can see my breath. I slide open the metal barn door and peek outside.

I can see the moon! I grab my camera, slip on my husband’s sneakers (I’ll apologize later) and head outside.

There are dew-drenched spider webs everywhere. The valley is thick with fog.

The ground is silvery and wet. It glimmers and shimmers in the sunlight.

The workers, machetes in hand, are tromping by in their rubber boots on their way to The Big House.

“Buenos dias!” I call quietly, and they singsong the greeting back to me. Suddenly, I am self-conscious of my pajamas—black leggings and long shirt—and fancy camera, so I scuttle back inside.

Coffee time! I fill my teapot with purified water and set it to boiling. While I stir the hot water into the coffee grounds and push the water through my aeropress, I heat some milk in a small saucepan. There is no half-and-half or cream here, so it’s café con leche every morning.

It’s time for the kids to be getting up, so I turn on lights and start clattering dishes, emptying the drainer and getting out the skillets. I chop up the potatoes that I baked last night (the hot oven helped make the house cozy) for the morning's fried potatoes and whisk a dozen eggs. There will be ketchup, too.

“Breakfast is almost ready! Get up, get dressed, make your beds, and come eat!” I holler at the children. They groan and burrow deeper into the covers. My husband joins me in urging them onward ho.

Soon Luvia will be arriving, and the day will be underway.


  1. Once those important routines are in place, it will be smooth sailing. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. Now I'm wanting the fried potatoes recipe. Do you simply bake the potatoes in their jackets, let them cool overnight, and then cut them up the next morning?

    1. Yep, that's pretty much it. I always bake a lot more potatoes than we need. I store the extras in the fridge (or overnight on the counter), and then in the morning chop them up and put them in a hot skillet with a hearty glug of oil (in the States, butter, too), toss the potatoes around to coat them well, add lots of salt, and then let them sit for awhile to brown. Once they've browned, I turn/stir them to get them toastier. That's it! You can fancy them up with cheese, sausage, bacon, onions and peppers, hot pepper, spices, whatever...

    2. You can also freeze the cooked potatoes - cube or shred them first.

  3. No half-and-half! No half-and-half! Oh, honeybun.

  4. that first photo is stunning. I love this post.