Monday, April 30, 2012

the quotidian (4.30.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
 everyday; ordinary; commonplace


Masking tape and brown bag shoes: they're all the rage, didn't you know?

Dressed up and nowhere to go...except to the front yard to dance for the passing cars.

Goat cheese, asparagus, red onion, and bacon pizza: I was the only one who liked it.

An ice cream sandwich experiment: I am unimpressed.
(The cookie part isn't soft enough—actually, it isn't soft at all, boo hiss.)

In preparation for the family reunion this weekend:
40 jumbo jalapenos, 2-3 pounds of cream cheese, and 2½ pounds of bacon.
(I'm hoping for leftovers.)

Peanut butter cookies: it's tech week for the older kids' theater production 
and I'm in charge of one of the cast suppers.
(The reunion and play are both this weekend—I'll consider the week a success 
if my head doesn't fly off my shoulders.)

Trying to get some respect...

...and getting put in his place, ouch.

Stripping down the table for a redo (five years late, but that's beside the point).

He got sick of the messy craft table and now I have a new shelf, hallelujah.

Fact: trampolines aren't just for jumping on.

This same time, years previous: baked beans, shredded wheat bread, rhubarb jam


  1. I'm glad you mentioned that those ice cream sandwiches didn't work out, I have had them on my mind since she posted them. Any thoughts on tweaking to get the cookie softer?

  2. I cook as if bacon hallows anything it touches. I think I would have loved that pizza.

  3. I always get hungry reading your blog. Good luck with the reunion and play! I'm totally impressed that you're already prepping for them- they're sure to be a success.

  4. I would have eaten the goat cheese pizza with you! Those poppers look mouth-watering! And, I can't wait to see an 'after' of your table. I have always admired your table whenever I've seen pictures of it on here.

  5. I am tempted to send your kids a "box of junk" just to see what they can make out of it.

    1. They would not see it as a box of junk, new treasures and I would love to see what they would do with it!

  6. So excited for those poppers.

    The last picture is beautiful.

  7. Don't the cookies get softer when you freeze them before eating? I would think that the ice cream would help moisten and soften the cookies...

    1. The cookie was a little softer today (and the ice cream was harder), but it still had a bit too much crunch. We'll see what they're like tomorrow...

  8. the kids can't wait to come down. CAN'T WAIT. Albert was trying to figure out a way to get out of his soccer game on Friday night, and Shinay was already trying to figure out how we could stay til Monday. They love your family - - our family. :)

  9. Love those duct tape socks/shoes. My son made a wacky hat today and duct tape was his choice medium. Glad you're getting your table redone and a shelf too. That's a pretty good week.