Monday, January 16, 2012

the quotidian (1.16.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*snow blocks: the white stuff is scarce this winter---to make the most of it, we bring it inside (not my idea, but it worked)
*the latest in fort technology: a hanging nest
*new bookshelves: tired of a bed full of lumpy books, he built himself a solution. It's crooked, which pains him a little, but it serves the purpose most famously
*baking, baking, baking: Cuban bread (delightfully chewy), bran date bread, granola
*such a dork
*recipe creation: still needs some tweaking, but it's close
*Bible quizzing: the competition is fierce; the kids are having a blast
*transport for a sick child: she needed to use the bathroom but could not possibly get to her feet---her brother (not me) was sympathetic to her plight
*a pre-supper snack
*reading/reciting poetry for Baby Cousin's dedication
*freezing temps and bare toes: who needs shoes anyway?

This same time, years previous: quick fruit cobbler, cranberry relish, spots of pretty, inner voices, the bet


  1. how is it that you have snow?! We're just cold up here.

    Your big boy is looking so BIG to me.

    And I'm curious about the new recipe - can't even tell if it's savory or sweet.

    1. It was just a leedle snow.

      And I'm not sure if the new recipe is savory or sweet. Both, perhaps. I eat it as a first course, though.

  2. Them bare feet are awfully close to that frigid air.