Monday, October 17, 2011

that thing we do

That donut party thing we do (almost) every fall? It happened again, oh yes, it did!

I fried donuts for three-and-a-half hours straight, only leaving my post twice—once to run to the bathroom and once to back up a few paces to take a picture.

We had the yard cleaned up, the dishes washed and put away, and the kitchen floor scrubbed before nine o’clock that night. I got my shower, made myself a peanut butter apple, and then laid down, flat on my back, on the sofa.

And then I shut my eyes. The sensation was intoxicating. I was spinning and levitating at the same time.

So I sat up and ate my apple. And drank a couple glasses of water. And then I stumbled up the stairs to bed and dreamed hard (about autumn and Aspergers, no joke) for eight hours. After which I woke up with a headache and lots of laundry to do.

But I didn’t mind. The sun was shining and there were potted plants on my porch and I had nothing else to do. Plus, there was a happy we-made-hundreds-of-donuts-and-fed-them-all-to-our-friends feeling pirouetting through my veins.

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  1. Did you have time to eat a donut? I hope at least one.

  2. I don't think I did! I mean, I ate parts of some, but mostly just as taste tests, to see if they were raw or burned. But there are two bags of leftovers in the freezer that I'm---believe it or not---looking forward to eating.

  3. the fact that you do this makes me happy too - and hungry.

  4. I'm so sorry we didn't make it. Why do all the good things have to happen on the same weekend? I'm so glad you not only survived, but thrived:-).

  5. You did good...and I'll second Mavis's Yum:)

  6. They were delicious.

  7. There are leftovers?????! If I'd known that maybe I would have let the glaze cool off before I grabbed those last few.

  8. so glad you do this thing. so good to see you and everyone else in such an informal and beautiful setting.

  9. What is that thing they are carrying in the 2nd picture??

    1. The rack to hold the baking sheets. (It's horizontal in the photo.)