Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is what crazy looks like

Not only did my last post bore you to tears, it may have killed you. Or at least left you speechless. For not a one of you made a peep.

Which confirms what I’ve feared all along: my unadorned life is woefully dull, boo-hoo.

But I’m not crying about that today. No, today there was no boredom to be found. Just lots of crazy.

This, my bored-to-tears dearies, is what crazy looks like.

Ain't she purdy?

Crazy is four-and-a-half bushels of apples getting mushed into 81 quarts of sauce.

Crazy is four bushels of nectarines and three bushels of mini cantaloupe-sized peaches spread out all over the downstairs room.

Crazy is red raspberries getting picked and tomatoes getting ignored.

Crazy is my new best friend, cuckoo!

This same time, years previous: how to get your refrigerator clean in two hours, two morals


  1. Yeah, I know what crazy is too. But I don't have any serious helpers yet.

  2. As for comments, I tell myself they're over-rated! Ha. (It amazes me you have even a spare moment to blog!!)


  3. Maybe no one commented because they are all crazy busy too.

  4. My silence was awe. Feeling the same abut this post. Awe. : )

  5. I have to ask...did you pick all those? Do you have your own orchard? That's a whole lotta fruit. It makes my "crazy" one bushel at a time seem tame...

  6. 1. Ok - This is crazy! Please tell me you have help to can all this.

    2. Somehow I missed your previous post. I'm gonna go look at it now. And, let me assure you, 'boring' is not a word I would use to describe you or your life. :)

  7. bugsboysandbooboos, No, we didn't pick the fruit---we got it from two local orchards. Makes the job MUCH easier.