Saturday, May 9, 2009

Venial vegetation vexations

I know not from whence they come
or wherest they go.
Please help me determine—
I do not know—
Friends or foes?

Look! It is my cilantro!
Reseeded and growed
All on its own. Ho!


  1. #1 Daisy Fleabane. (I think) Foe
    #2 those glorious Black-eyed Susans that provide such brilliant late summer bloom (I think) Friend
    #3 looks like a weed, but maybe Germander?
    #4 looks like a friend. Gas Plant?


  2. Not sure about 1
    I think 2 is correct
    3 looks to me like Cranesbill geranium or something like that? but maybe not...

  3. I'm glad to know that #2 is a friend because it's popping up everywhere. #4 IS a gas plant---I was thinking that's what it might be. Amber (S's sister) planted that when she visited last spring, but it didn't do anything. This year might be different, it appears. Number 3 I think is foe, but I still don't know. Number 1 I'm still not sure about... Any other opinions?


  4. Catching up...

    Not sure. I thought #2 was nicotiana of some sort, but I'll go with rudbeckia too. :) I'd pull #1. Heck, I pull most things because volunteers tend to get thuggish in my garden ('specially chamomile and borage). I also thought #3 was cranesbill... mine is flowering now in part shade so if yours is the same it should start soon.